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Case Studies

Below are just a few of the companies who use HowDidWeDo? Select one to find out how we helped improve the operation of their business.

Care Home Provider
Larchwood Care

Larchwood Care operates 58 care homes throughout the UK. They pride themselves on providing the highest levels of care.

By introducing the easy to use app, Larchwood feel that they are pioneering a new way for care homes to continuously improve. Feedback, positive or negative, is one of the best ways to ensure their standards are kept high. For people to know their comments are being treated seriously and dealt with at a senior level gives extra peace of mind.

Larchwood Care joined HowDidWeDo? in October 2017. Since then they’ve averaged over 50 feedback submissions a month, and their average overall rating has steadily risen. They've regularly replied to requests for direct responses, addressing any concerns quickly and attentively. The HowDidWeDo? system allowed them to maintain their great level of service by minimising the impact of any negative feedback, and promoting good feedback to encourage dedicated members of staff.

The app is free to download, but Larchwood frequently use their on-site tablet to encourage any visitors to give instant feedback, even if they do not wish to download the app themselves. They hope that by doing this, they will be able to reward their staff who do a fantastic job, and quickly rectify any issues that may arise.

“I think HowDidWeDo? is a great tool. It doesn't take away the communication or need to talk to the manager and staff, but gives an added dimension to enable you to give some feedback. This can be positive or negative, it’s good to know that it’s going to the right person in management. That’s exactly what happens when you use the app.
I’d highly recommend it and say to anyone, be constructive, give the feedback and be confident it will be taken seriously and action taken if necessary.”

Alison, Daughter of Resident


Sign Solutions is a language and learning company, specialising in interpretation support for deaf people.

Sign Solutions, a leading language and learning company, specialising in interpretation support for deaf people, has cemented its commitment to quality by adopting a revolutionary customer feedback app.

The app, called ‘HowDidWeDo?’, provides instant feedback by rating a variety of different aspects of the service, including the quality of services offered by Sign Solutions, with comments and the ability to upload photos to support their ratings. The feedback received is shared instantly with the management team, so that comments can be passed on to staff, and calls for improvement can be acted on immediately.

“The ‘HowDidWeDo?’ team were responsive and quick to react to our initial enquiry, they tailored the system to ensure that feedback could be provided separately for all the services we offer to help organisations to communicate with deaf customers, patients and employees.
“The dashboard is very well laid out and enables us to see at a distance all the feedback responses we have had. We look forward to using this app to continually improve and develop our services in line with our ISO9001 accreditation, so customer satisfaction continues to increase.”

Clare Vale, Managing Director

Care Home Provider

Oakland Care provide bespoke care packages personally tailored to each individual including residential, nursing, memory and respite care.

Having previously used traditional paper-based surveys, growing care home group Oakland Care recently decided to take its feedback system to the next level.

The group felt that now was the perfect time to look at an IT based solution that would suit them now and in the future.

With three care homes across the south of England, and two more due to open over the next year, the group needed a solution that would grow with them. HowDidWeDo? provided exactly what they needed.

Oakland Care prides itself on its five-star environments that create high quality and comfortable homes for residents. Gathering and responding to feedback effectively from residents and their visitors is therefore key to maintaining this premier service.
Aaron White, Business Services Manager for Oakland Care explains: “With the old paper based system we had to physically send out customer service surveys. This was time consuming and take up was relatively poor.
“We were looking for a solution that would be efficient and flexible enough to grow and change along with the business. HowDidWeDo? has done just that.”

The flexibility of how the app can be used also appealed to Oakland Care. The group has been able to completely tailor the app to its needs, devising their own questions and the rating level at which an alert is triggered.

There is also plenty of flexibility with how feedback can be gathered. Residents and their visitors can currently download the app to use on their own devices. Oakland Care also plan on having a device ready to use in each care home and they also have the option of emailing a direct link to users who can then submit their feedback online. The feedback received by HowDidWeDo? can also be easily linked to

As a busy care home group, Oakland Care needed a system that would be easy to introduce.
Aaron concludes: “The system was straightforward to implement and we have been well supported by the HowDidWeDo? team throughout the process.”

"HowDidWeDo? gives us instant, up-to-date information on feedback provided by our clients, guests and staff. The data and detailed comments are displayed on a well-presented, clutter-free management dashboard. It allows us to quickly gather feedback and reflect on it immediately, making responsive management decisions. The system was straightforward to implement and we have been well supported by the HowDidWeDo? team throughout the process."

Aaron White, Business Services Manager

Lift Supplier

Platform lift specialists for almost any environment – internal or external, commercial or residential.

Gartec Ltd - Gathering Feedback Remotely and Analysing it Centrally

When the UK’s leading supplier of platform lifts was looking for a customer feedback system to support its strong continuous improvement focus, HowDidWeDo? was the perfect choice. Gartec Ltd wanted to monitor performance in a way that easily gathered feedback but also brought all the data together efficiently and effectively. With a large installation team and servicing engineers on the road who have limited contact with the office, Gartec needed a system with strong support that could be controlled and monitored from the office while gathering feedback on the road. The company opted for HowDidWeDo?’s web-based platform, enabling the team to issue weblinks to customers to direct them to the online system. The feedback the customers provide is then fed into the tailored dashboard where the data can be analysed and exported as needed.

Genevieve Armstrong, Marketing Co-Ordinator at Gartec comments: “After looking into quite a few products and companies, we were struggling to find a service that offered a straight forward system that would be easy to use both on site and remotely. Confidentiality for the customers was also very important for us.
“HowDidWeDo? is fantastically simple and can be tailored to show the most important elements and features. Importantly it can be designed to provide feedback questionnaires for a number of different departments.”

Gartec chose to add ‘codes’ to the end of the weblinks they issue to customers so that feedback replies can be tracked by user, while still keeping the customer’s details confidential. Tailored email alerts also inform the office team when feedback falls below a certain level so that performance patterns can be monitored.

Genevieve concludes: “HowDidWeDo? has allowed us to setup monthly reports across departments, tying in with our continuous improvement ethos.
“The feedback we have received via HowDidWeDo? has already provided us with insight into potential improvements with communication.
“Our lift servicing and maintenance packages run on annual contracts, so by ensuring we are at the top of our game with customer satisfaction we have higher customer retention levels.”

“HowDidWeDo? has allowed us to setup monthly reports across departments, tying in with our continuous improvement ethos. The feedback we have received via HowDidWeDo? has already provided us with insight into potential improvements with communication."

Genevieve Armstrong, Marketing Co-Ordinator


Pay Check specialises in providing payroll services to SMEs with 1 to 1500 employees on a monthly payroll, and up to 500 employees on a weekly payroll.

Which ever customer feedback method you choose, it's vital that it suits your business and meets you needs. This can be difficult to achieve with most "off the shelf" products or systems.
That's why HowDidWeDo? was created in a way that makes it possible to tailor the app to each client's individual needs and incorporate additional functionality as required.
Pay Check Limited is one company which has really taken advantage of the bespoke nature of HowDidWeDo?
Pay Check offers fully managed outsource payroll services to SMEs, taking care of all payroll and pension compliance for businesses ranging from one employee up to 2000. The company prides itself on its personal service.
When they were looking for a customer feedback system they wanted to be able to cross reference to their own existing systems.
Katie Linstead, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Pay Check explains: "We'd never used a feedback system before but when we looked at HowDidWeDo? it seems that the app could deliver a bespoke system within budget.
"We specifically asked for a CSV download and custom feedback link so that we would be able to add our unique client reference numbers in order to better analyse the data."
This has not only helped identify customers and issues by ensuring that the app works alongside Pay Check's current systems, but it has also helped with online reviews and search engine optimisation (SEO).
Katie continues:"HowDidWeDo? has helped us identify clients that could provide Trust Pilot and Google Reviews, so we have been able to increase these significantly from the mere 1 that we had before!
"We have also identified clients of varying levels of satisfaction for market research interviews, and probably most importantly, it gave us direct insight into clients who were not happy with an aspect of the service so we could resolve those issues before they escalated."

Retail Solutions Provider

Retail experts with over 17 years of experience supporting brands to be better, faster & more cost effective in retail.

Annual surveys are a tried and tested way of gathering feedback from colleagues. And while they can provide detailed and valuable information, the data gathered only relates to one specific time frame. The truth is that in today's workplace people's views and preferences change frequently, so listening to colleagues should be done more than just once a year.
As retail solution provider Dee Set sees it, a system that is "always on" is needed.

The company recently undertook a review of its colleague feedback systems, as it looked to improve and expand on the existing annual colleague survey.
Kate France, Business Unit Director in the People Team at Dee Set explains: "To help us be a great place to work, and to understand what drives our colleagues, we really wanted to be able to gather feedback in the moment.

"By having a continual finger on the pulse of how they are feeling will allow us to take meaningful actions based on the comments we receive. HowDidWeDo? allows us to do this."
HowDiDWeDo? is helping Dee Set to continually listen to colleagues and start two-way interactions, rather than just hearing their views once a year as part of a one-way feedback system.
Kate continues: "We really wanted to create more open, honest and transparent conversations to help us understand what drives our colleagues."

Dee Set is already seeing the benefits of choosing HowDidWeDo? As well as identifying high level trends, the system has allowed them to drill down to specific issues which have been actioned and recorded. This is providing valuable data.

Kate concludes: "The next step for us is to analyse all the results on HowDidWeDo? so we can identify patterns and improvements. Being able to see an overall score while measuring progress and seeing up to date actions, is extremely helpful."

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